Visual Studio 2015 – Release date announced

Visual Studio 2015 Release date has been announced recently. Add 20th of July to your calendar because otherwise you will be wondering why internet connection in your area is getting slower 🙂

Visual Studio 2015
Figure: Visual Studio 2015

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Just a few things to mention that are coming with the new version of Visual Studio
• .NET Framework 4.6
• ASP.NET 5 with IIS Express 10
• Roslyn – New Engine for C# and VB
• Connected Services (for Application Insights, Azure Storage and Mobile Services, Office 365 and Salesforce)
• Improved Code Editor now with Light Bulbs, better IntelliSense, navigation in JavaScript and more
• Entity Framework 7 and 6.1.3
• Blend is now running inside Visual Studio Shell
• New Debugging and Diagnostic Tools
• Tools for Mobile Development (Xamarin & Cordova)
• IntelliTest
• Application Insights
• Improved Git Version Control
• Team Foundation Server 2015
• New Release Management for TFS

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