How to manually update your Microsoft Band 2?

If you are a proud owner of your Microsoft Bands 2 and you you are not willing to change your iPhone for a Windows Phone or an Android then you are probably eagerly waiting for an update of a Microsoft Health app which will update your Microsoft Band.

Well here’s the moment of truth. It doesn’t seem it’s coming.

The Problem

Figure: December 2015 Update is only for Windows Phone and Android users

Read full history here if interested.

The Workaround

There still is a way for iPhone users. Here’s how you do it.

Download the Microsoft Band Sync app

Plug-in your band to your computer and you will be prompted with the following screen

Figure: New version of Microsoft Band was found

Press Update now and update will start. In less than a minute you’ll see another screen

Figure: Band is syncing with a computer

…and voila
Figure: My Band is now showing Music Controls and it works with iPhone

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