Monthly Archives: July 2015

Is your Build resilient?

The Story Today I walked in the client’s office (just like any other normal day) not suspecting there’s anything wrong. After 5 min one of the managers approached me and started asking questions about the new TFS Build server that I added two days ago. So here’s what happened: The client is a pretty big

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Visual Studio 2015 – Release date announced

Visual Studio 2015 Release date has been announced recently. Add 20th of July to your calendar because otherwise you will be wondering why internet connection in your area is getting slower 🙂 Figure: Visual Studio 2015 Read more here: Just a few things to mention that are coming with the new version of Visual

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New Home

After years of non-blogging I decided to make myself a new home where I’ll be able to share with you my experience, passion, ideas and other cool things I do in my life. July 1st is kind of a special day for me. Not that I planned it this way, but it seems like it

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